Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I start this post to try to give users the opportunity to find the solution complete (or nearly complete) about computer maintenance and optimization.
Searching the internet I have concluded that there are many posts about optimizing drivers, BIOS etc, but didn`t find a complete post.
Given that all posts on the net say that in the end I will say at the beginning: DO these operations at your own risk.

Lets get started.

First you have to keep in mind the hardware. Does optimizing drivers or BIOS do have any visible effect if not before try to remedy the hardware problem.
I will review some of the things I consider important in maintaining hardware.
It begins with a dust cleaning of the computer components. Be carreful at the coolers (processor, video card, motherboard, casing). They can be clean with a brush. If you find a broken cooler just change it(it`s cheap).
Another problem encountered is the thermal paste (facilitates heat transfer between processor and cooler). Attention to AMD processors, especially 754/939/AM2 sk, they the bad habit to get out of the socket with the cooler; at Intel be careful at the cooler when installing the cooler (it is better to be mounted to motherboard outside the computer).
Check plugs and connectors on the motherboard (both supply and sockets) and check the data cables. Clean all dust from all sockets.If needed change the data or power supply cables.
After mounting the computer can move to optimization.

Start with the BIOS.

It is best to get the latest version of the manufacturer site. For that you need to know the motherboard model. Manufacturers provide the program for rewriting BIOS. Use that(if not there you can download from the site of the BIOS manufacturer). This is the most risky of all the operation (may destroy the motherboard), so be careful.
On manufacturers site you can find the instructions for use the software to rewrite the BIOS.

Optimizing drivers

This operation is very simple. To do this you must first reinstall the operating system, then download the latest driver from the manufacturer site of motherboard, video card, etc., depending on the operating system installed. Install new drivers and everything should work OK.
For further information post a comment.

ATTENTION. Install OS with a license (although I dont believe what I say) and Beware of the "optimized".

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