Saturday, August 8, 2009

TOSHIBA A200-psae3 WindowsXP drivers

As you can realize, this Toshiba boasts a hull black shiny which is currently very fashionable. From a design effect is actually very successful but unfortunately daily, the fingerprints are visible as soon as you touch the hull. Ditto for dust as you are no doubt reflected on pictures of this test, that color acts as a magnet on all suspended particles in the air.The left side:Connection is complete with a VGA, S-Video, but also to enjoy HDMI easily HD drive on the screen of the show, for example. On the side are also two USB ports as well as taking firewire and the Ethernet port.The right side:There are on this side, the DVD player, two USB ports as well as additional sheet for the AC adapter. Small detail, the DVD player seems a bit fragile. We must therefore be very careful.The Toshiba A200 gets a funny look, it is unlikely to indicate on your desk or in your living room. However, its design could have been a little more successful if the thickness was reduced.Here is a picture accompanied by a AAA battery in order to better inform you of the thickness:
Interior DesignThe ScreenThis is a wide slab format of a diagonal of 15.4 inches. The treatment Truebrite reproduces colors frame uses, ideal for videos and games. The maximum brightness is sufficient but some people may have to turn up the brightness a few places. Finally, the reflections are not too present even with a window nearby.WebcamOn top of the screen accommodates a webcam to a maximum resolution of 1280 × 1024, as is now the case on most laptops.Toshiba A200-1SV - Webcam: Very handy for instant messaging, the display is correct even in difficult light conditions.Mouse and KeyboardThe mouse pad and keyboard are generally good on this computer and there are useful shortcuts right above the keyboard.PerformanceThis Toshiba has honorable performance in relation to its price.The graphics card is used to play a majority of current hits even if that sometimes lower resolution (and possibly disable certain options) are required. We got a total score of 5730 points in 3dmark 06.ConclusionIt is a fairly powerful machine for the price, well equipped with HD DVD drive and it is HDMI.The design is fairly successful, but it would have been more with a few millimeters in thickness less.

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